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Get in the Crepe Mood



Julian and Lina are a young couple from West New York with a Colombian-Mexican heritage and a love for crepes that they develop since they were kids. They realized how hard it was to find a good crepe made with flavor and love so decided to create Two Crepes catering and bring it right to your door. After two years of hard work and dedication Opened their own location in Union City extending the menu to Crepes, Coffee, Ice Cream, Juices Bar, and more, with the hospitality and love for quality that has characterized the brand since our beginnings.


Two Crepes Catering wants to celebrate with you, let our professional chefs interact with your guest as we cook crepes right before their eyes.

Turn any celebration into an unforgettable experience and for a limited time get 3 crepe options for FREE just by getting a quote from us.

Two Crepes Catering .jpeg


"I love this place, great service and great food, both Sweet and Savory crepes were fantastic, we will definitely be back"

- Kristen J.

"Cozy little place, with great coffee and tea, one of my favorite spots to get some work done "

- Andrea S.

"Very reasonable price for the large crepes, I visited with my family for brunch and left extremely happy, make sure to try this place"

- Sara R.

"Sweet and Savory Crepes, Bubble Tea, Coffee, Juices and outstanding Service, I mean, What else can you ask for?"

- Robert L.

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